Welcome to Hero Hype Miami & Orlando Comic Con! "Come Experience It"
Hero Hype Comic Con is an event featuring super heroes in the comic book world(s). We welcome all
character(s) coming from an independent or commercial side, we know it takes time and great effort to
create an original storyline and character in it's world but here at Hero Hype we give an opportunity for
anyone and everyone to show what they have. We know there is great talent everywhere and we at Hero
Hype are here to showcase and support each and everyone of these wonderful character(s) and the

Hero Hype Comic Con has been around since June 2013 and each year we continue to grow and expand
in everything that we do! Each time we have more and great things for you to enjoy, from our event's to
our products
we keep it original and unique from our competitors. We strive to standout and be different,
it's what makes Hero Hype what it is, something original, new and fun to be part of, come experience it!
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