Hero Hype, Miami & Orlando Comic Convention(s), Hero Hype Expo, Hero Hype Comics & Armored Bots 2013-2018
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Welcome to Hero Hype! Thank you for visiting! What is Hero Hype? We are a multi-platform brand, we have
our own convention event's, comic books series, characters & more as we continue to grow. We like to stand
out, be different & keep it original from all our competitor's and that's
what makes us who we are!

Hero Hype Miami & Orlando Comic Convention's taking place March 9 and July 20, 2019. Make sure to follow
our event and request us if you want us to come to your city!

Hero Hype Comics will feature our original series titled "Armored Bots", in this story our heroes are faced with
future sci-fi wars where each pilot controls giant "mechs" that battle other robots that want to take control of
other planets & build their own robotic colonies. Issue #1 releasing in 2019.
Upcoming Events & Updates:

- Hero Hype Miami Comic Convention March 9, 2019 10 AM - 7 PM (7th Annual Event)

- Hero Hype Orlando Comic Convention July 20, 2019 10 AM - 7 PM (
3rd Annual Event)

- Hero Hype Gaming Expo 2019 (4th Annual Event TBA)

- 2019 Calendar (Pre-orders will be available 11/12/18 all orders will go out first to those who pre-order)

- "Armored Bots" comic book (Coming 2019)