Sales Tax:
Required by the State of Florida all vendors & attendees must pay 7% FL sales tax at our events.

Entrance passes can be purchased day of the event at the main entrance. All sales are final, NO
REFUNDS after purchase(s) have been made.

No outside food or drinks allowed inside the convention before or after. This applies to all
attendees and vendors. Please be respectful and follow instructions and directions.
misconduct or misbehavior will not be tolerated before, during or after the event.

Safety & Security:
For your safety and ours we will be having staff security and everyone will be checked with metal
detectors at the main entrance each time you enter the main showroom(s). All bags will be
scanned prior entering our event. Please report any suspicious activity to any of our staff members
and we will be glad to assist you.

If you are caught with a weapon such as a gun, taser (electric weapon), knife or blade of any kind,  
pepper spray or any object we consider a "weapon" we will hold it and you can pick it up anytime
you leave. If you are caught we will report it, file a case and escort you off site.
Please be
responsible towards everyone that is at the event!

No Soliciting:
Hero Hype Convention has the right to allow and reject whom they want to
"promote/announce/advertise" any product/event during our show. We only allow others to pass
out fliers on the main floor room if we have approved of it. We have a table only for fliers or any
other materials you would like to place for everyone to get/pickup nearby the main entrance FREE
of charge (any material left will get discarded after the event has concluded).

Lost and Found:
All items can be reported to any of our security or our staff. All lost and found items will be held until
the event is done, if no one claims any of the lost and found items we will discard it.
(In Miami) $5 all day parking fee. We are not responsible for any vehicle or items lost in parking lot.

Military / Veteran Discount:
All Military or Veterans get a $2 off admission discount (must present current or veteran card)

Promotional Offer(s):
All promotional offers are valid until the day of the event. All promotional offers/codes must be
presented at the main entrance. Must bring matching ID/email/address name on account in order to

Badges: All badges must be worn at all times, this applies to guest(s), vendors, and  media.
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